EDIT (March 2016):
Into The Grid will be put on hold until further notice. At this moment I do not have time to blog and I prefer to focus on my video's. I'd like to thank my readers for spending this lil time that we had together and I hope you will enjoy my vlogs just as much, if not more than my blog posts. Thank you so much!

My name is Chloë-Dakota Rose (previously Daphne Rose) and welcome into the grid!

This blog will be about blog posts and blog posts only, for my vlog information you can refer to The Kawaiilian Collective or my YouTube channel itself.

The Kawaiilian Collective is the, what I like to call, "central station" of my blogs/vlogs. On there you'll practically find everything regarding my vlog and my blog.

I created this blog because I noticed that I actually enjoyed blogging and really wanted to do it as a "side thing" next to vlogging. My vlog is and will always remain to be my main priority. However, there still goes a lot of time, energy, effort and LOVE into my blog posts!

I generally blog on the days that I'm not vlogging but just like for my vlog; there isn't really a consistent posting schedule. My goal is to blog 2-3 times a week unless I get caught up with real life or illnesses.

For any questions feel free to send me a notecard or IM (Kawaiilian Resident).

You can also email me on the following address:

Thank you,

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